A serving size of vegetables for us FructMals is 1/2 a cup. You should eat 3 servings a day, separately, from the SAFE list. Cooked vegetables may taste better and make our stomachs happier because cooking makes all those free sugars go away. Note: this only works with SAFE list foods. There is something that you can have with beans called Beano:

I still would not advise eating lots of beans, even WITH Beano though (not that I've ever tried it). So without further ado - the list.
Bamboo shoots
 Bean sprouts
 Brussels sprouts
 Sweet corn
 Butternut squash
 Chili peppers
 Chicory root
 Dill pickles
 Globe artichokes
 Green beans
 Green peas
 Mustard greens
 Red or green bell peppers
 Sweet potatoes
 Canned tomato paste or sauce
 Spring onions (greens only)
 Sugar snap peas
 Swiss chard
 Kidney beans*
 Tomatoes (raw)
 Baked beans*
 Soy beans*
 Water chestnuts
A * means that it can be taken with Beano.
When eating beans, follow these instructions:
1. Soak
2. Drain
3. Rinse
4. Cook
5. Drain
6. Rinse
7. Take Beano
8. Eat
I know it sounds like a bit much, but it's all for the tummy, right guys?! (And girls!)