Okay, now I know you're wondering what you can drink other than water. Surprisingly, there are a few things that actually work quite well. But, keep in mind two things. One, ANY liquid containing fructose will be poorly tolerated. Two, water and lactose free milk are the two best things to drink on a daily basis. But, here is a list.
Water (tap, non-flavored bottled water, mineral water)
 All fruit juices
 Soft drinks or sports drinks containing HFCS, sucrose, or cane sugar
 Unsweetened flavored sparkling water (Talking Rain)
 Sweetened powdered drink mixes (containing non-allowed sugars)
 Zero Calorie Sobe Life Water
 Sweetened milk
 Unsweetened cow's milk (if not lactose intolerant), oatmilk, almond milk, or hempmilk, rice milk
 Coffee made from chicory
 Soda or drink mixes sweetened with Nutrasweet or aspertame
 Crystal Light/Wyler's Light