Okay, so this page is divided into two sections - dairy and sugars. There's no reason for it except that Webs only allows me to have ten pages per website, and I don't feel like making two websites. So, onward!

During this, you should avoid foods high in lactose, because lactose is a bad sugar. If you do accidentally have, for instance, regular milk, then you take something called LactAid TM. It helps with tolerance. Here's the list.
Lactose free milk
 Milk/flavored milk
 Greek yogurt or lactose free yogurt not containing HFCS or fruit on avoid list
 Cottage cheese
 Lactose free cottage cheese
 Cheese from cow, goat, or sheep: brie, camembert, cheddar, colby, feta, gouda, meunster, mozarella, monterey jack, provolone, parmesan, swiss
 Evaporated milk
 unsweetened rice, oatmilk, almond milk, or hempmilk
 Mascarpone cheese
 Ricotta cheese
 Ice cream


Okay, now for the most important one of all. The sugars. You find these in EVERYTHING. EVERYTHING! Here's a short list of all the ones you can and can't eat.
Acesulfam (Sweet One, Ace-K)
  Barley malt syrup
  Agave syrup
  Aspartame (Nutrasweet, Equal)
  Brown rice syrup
  Brown sugar
 Glucose (dextrose)
 Corn syrup
 Fruit juice concentrate
 Maple syrup
 Cane syrup
 Saccharine (Sweet-n-Low, Sugar Twin: white or brown)
 Sorghum syrup
 High fructose corn syrup (HFCS)
 Sucrose (table or cane sugar)
 Beet sugar
 Invert sugar
 Karo syrup
 Palm sugar
 Raw sugar (Turbinado)
 Sucralose (Splenda)